Major relaxer

• Yoga nidra instructor Bobi Ward. Photo by Jenny D’Anger.

CLINICAL psychologist Richard Miller was instrumental in yoga nidra being adopted by the US military.

Mr Miller tweaked the 3000-year-old technique, bringing it into the 21st century.

The US surgeon general was so impressed with the results, he endorsed yoga nidra as a complementary alternative medicine for returning soldiers with chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder.

It’s also used to treat people in hospitals, hospices, drug centres, homeless shelters and prisons.

Hamilton Hill local Bobi Ward used yoga nidra to successfully recover from a broken back after a car accident.

She’s been teaching yoga nidra at the Beacon Yoga Centre in Beaconsfield for almost 20 years, and now at The Hub in Hamilton Hill.

Yoga nidra (also yogic sleep) has been described as the art of not-doing, and is a cross between yoga and meditation.

Rather than bending and stretching, practitioners lay on the floor and are guided through muscle relaxation and breathing exercises.

“It brings you to the present, allowing the stresses of an otherwise busy life to mingle with the gentle lapping ocean, or a soughing breeze in the trees,” Ms Ward says.

Gentle live music and hot “nourishing soup” are part of the yoga nidra experience at The Hub, a community centre run by volunteers.

Ms Ward is also conducting full moon sessions at Beacon Yoga Centre.

“The new moon is like planting seeds–as the moon grows, potential grows.”

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