‘Safe zones’ for bikes in crime plan

FREMANTLE council’s draft plan to tackle safety and crime in the city is out for public comment.

The five-year Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan had input from locals, WA Police and Fremantle councillors and staff.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says “The aim of the city was to create an environment in Fremantle where people felt safe, with public spaces designed to be actively used throughout the day and night that encouraged people to linger and interact.”

“The City of Fremantle has made a big commitment towards community safety through initiatives like our expanded community safety team and our actively monitored CCTV network.

“But community safety and crime prevention are complex issues and many aspects are not under the control of local government, so it needs a collaborative effort from all tiers of government, local businesses and the community.”

As homelessness week (August 4-10) draws to a close, Shelter WA CEO Amanda Hunt notes “We work closely with WA Police to bust the myth against homelessness. We can confirm that 57 per cent of homeless are victims of crimes in any given Perth metropolitan area.”

Social support

The plan also recommends that Fremantle council continues working with community service providers to increase social support in the city.

Other recommendations include the installation of safe parking zones to deter bike theft, expanding the CCTV network and improving lighting.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is out for public comment until August 23 at mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/communitysafety

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