Letters: 24.8.19

I WAS surprised to see Andrew Luobikis’ “Game Over” letter in last week’s Herald.
When he ran for Fremantle council a few years ago, I attended the candidates’ forum where he clearly said that if he didn’t get elected he would leave Freo.
The people of Beaconsfield voted accordingly and yet he lingers.
And now he is part of the steady drumbeat of right-wing opinion being ventilated in the lead up to the October council elections.
Barry Healy
Beazley Way,
White Gum valley

A COMMON problem that afflicts most politicians is the fact that they are gutless.
Not all pollies though; in November 2014 senator David Johnston stood up in parliament and actually made a truthful statement along the lines of South Australia could not build a canoe, let alone a submarine.
Johnston was not asked to rescind his suggestion and was duly recorded in Hansard, proving once again that a sleeping pollie can not raise an objection.
To be fair to South Australia, the correct answer to the oft-requested question “what are the two best things to come out of SA” is “a plane ticket out and Coopers beer”.
The 50 billion bucks required to build these antiquated pieces of junk should go nowhere but South Australia.
WA would not want a ‘barr’ of any part of the construction of these doomed vessels; it’s a bit like putting a Spitfire up against an FA18 Hornet.
WA has a reputation of excellence in shipbuilding of all types, can you imagine the US Navy buying littoral combat vessels from South Australia?
Good luck!
You build ‘em and we’ll repair ‘em.
Laurie Cain
Stone Court, Kardinya

Off the rails
KEVIN MCQUOID lectures that an underground railway should be built from North Coogee via Hampton Road, Wray Avenue, South Terrace and Market Street and with stations along the way (“Getting back on track”, Thinking Allowed, Herald, August 17, 2019).
Kev mate, keep your public relations-driven ideas away from South Freo.
Wray Avenue is not for changing. Central Freo has become a mess and a frightening place to wander with ice and meth addicts, drunks, beggars, and once-vibrant streets boasting shuttered shops. As a long term South Fremantle resident, along with most other locals, I chose to live in this laid-back enclave of community-minded residents.
Wray Ave is and always has been a shopping hub of that community. Nobody wants our favourite shopping street dug up for a bloody train tunnel; offered up as the alternative tourist mecca with meth and ice addicts moving in, sitting outside our homes and cafes, begging for money.
Keep developers’ greedy mitts off South Freo. No subway. It’s just very, very silly.
S Cole
South Fremantle

Have a look
TO all those who want Roe 8 built – including the many who do not even live in the area of the proposed route – go and look at Leach Highway.
At least 70 per cent of all vehicles are general traffic, not heavy haulage freight.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Drive,
South Lake

Splash the cash
I BELIEVE that Fremantle council should spend some money in upgrading our port.
A lot of time/money was spent to make the water deeper so that luxury liners could come to Fremantle.
Now not too many ships are coming in because the arrival area is not very nice compared to other ports around Australia and across the world.
A lot of money was spent in upgrading King Square; now it’s time to upgrade our port.
People arriving in Fremantle should be greeted with a bit more luxury, and then go shopping in Freo.
The markets (when they are open) and other shops should be given a special discounted rent to allow them to stay open.
It would be a pity if the port was taken over in another suburb; just think how far that would be from Perth – the capital.
I love Fremantle port, and the people trying to survive in the shops there should be considered too.
Please, Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, help Freo to survive. It’s in your hands now.
Thank You.
Abelle Wards,
Orsino Bvd, Port Coogee

I am a personal care worker who has battled with the abuse of ACROD parking bays for years.
Recently I was at my IGA shopping centre at South Fremantle on Hampton Road and found a truck parked in the ACROD (or for those that don’t give a damn) bay.
No card was displayed and the engine was running with no one inside.
William West
Harbour Rd,
South Fremantle

Roe’s back
WE are responding to the letters reopening the debate on Roe 8.
Those writers seem unaware that the majority voted for Labour in March 2017, and the Labour government ceded that this land, desecrated by Colin Barnett, be rehabilitated as a Wildlife Corridor from Bibra Lake to the coast.
Since that time they have not noticed the family involvement in this project from north and south of this corridor.
People have voted with their hands and feet: that is weeding and planting as well as mapping the new growth of banksias and tuarts, for example.
The bush will recover if given our enthusiasm and care. Our heritage is there for all to see.
Those described as out of town protesters by Liberal Tangney MP Ben Morton, were not out of town but deeply concerned locals who value natural bush over bitumen.
Roe 8 supporters do not consider the bottleneck at Stirling Bridge would be fixed if the plan went ahead.
There are alternative options, but to resume Roe 8 planning would be disastrous.
Cynthia and
Geoffrey Addison
37 Hubble Street,
East Fremantle

Trunk road
HO-HUM, so state opposition leader Liza Harvey is contemplating pushing ahead with Roe 8.
Perhaps she should visit what is left of Port Beach.
Already governments at a local and state level are grappling with the problem of how (and who) should deal with the inevitable effects of sea level rise.
This poses no greater threat than that faced by Pacific island nations, whose very future is in the balance.
It is disappointing that we continue to elect governments, both state and federal, who place greater store in miracles than in policies which might address or mitigate climate change.
In choosing to flog the dead horse of Roe 8, Ms Harvey–like her federal colleagues–continues to ignore the elephant in the room.
Mark Smith
South Street, Hilton

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