Letters 7.9.19

GIVEN the level of political debate about Roe 8, it was remiss of your paper not to insist that the folks who paid for this specious nonsense were identified (Roe 8 & 9 advertising wraparound, Herald, August 24, 2019).
The primary thrust of their argument was that lots of jobs would be created by building Roe 8.
Digging holes in the Gibson Desert and filling them in would create lots of jobs too.
The money previously allocated to Roe 8 is and will be spent on far more useful road and public transport projects around Perth, thus creating lots of jobs.
Gordon Payne
Jenkin Street, South Fremantle
Ed says: It did say on the front page that it was authorised by Tangney Liberal MP Ben Morton, though in small letters.

Rotten idea
HAVING just read “Fruity Gift For Freo” (Herald, August 31, 2019), may I ask why we would even give the thought a second of parks and gardens’ time.
I am not a horticulturist, but am I wrong to ascertain that Morton Bay fig trees are happiest in the tropics, if at best the sub-tropics.
They love lots of water in the summer months and have quite a vigorous root system that sniff out water when in need (newly laid water pipes offer a much needed source).
I understood the Perth Basin to be more dry and arid, waiting on bended knees for the winter rains to be used by its ever-increasing population on lovely green lawns and non-native trees. We have Norfolk Island pines whose acid needles and frongs stop anything growing under their canopy.
And last but not least, we have the magnificent London plain tree.
Lovely canopy for summer before a nightmare of cleaning come the autumn.
Nothing more needs to be said on that introduced species.
So do parks and gardens know of any non-deciduous natives that are not of high water demands once established, and offer a stunning canopy all year round, and a species that overseas visitors might just not have seen in every city of every state in almost every country?
As I mentioned, I am not a horticulturist, but there must be someone in parks and gardens that have some knowledge on the subject.
Ric Aldrovandi
Farrier Lane, White Gum Valley

Put a lid on it
FREMANTLE likes to think it is advanced in its treatment of waste but it continues to puzzle me, here and in other towns.
The latest plan in Fremantle will see a weekly collection of ‘organic’ waste in a large 240L bin, which I imagine will be 20 per cent full most of the time.
The large yellow-lid recycle bin will continue fortnightly and the regular bin will now be an under-size 140L bin, which will encourage more contamination of the recycle bin (few understand the limits of the recycle bin already. Stickers on the bins to explain would be good).
Most bizarrely in WA, different towns use different colours so people holidaying in Denmark put recycling in the yellow-top bins, but that’s the general waste colour in Denmark. Hilarious, if it wasn’t so hopeless.
And with China no longer sweeping the recycling under the proverbial carpet for Australia, where is all the recycling going?
Michael Willicombe 
Chudleigh Street, Fremantle 

Rental hell
THANK you to Andrew Luobikis of Beaconsfield for advising Herald readers of the slowness of the Fremantle court when dealing with evicting tenants for non-payment for rent etc and the unfairness of the WA residential tenancy act (“Game Over”, Letters, August 17, 2019).The
owners of rental properties in the Fremantle area need to put pen to paper and commence complaining to the premier, attorney general, director general of the justice department and the media about the inefficient court system at Fremantle court and the unfair and illegal decisions made by magistrates and registrars against property owners.
On March 6 last year, I commenced legal action against a tenant for non-payment of rent.
On March 23 last year, I attended the court and the registrar asked the tenant why he had not vacated the house after he received a form 1B on February 18.
The tenant advised the registrar that he didn’t vacate because he “liked living in the house”.
The registrar should have evicted the tenant because he had not paid all his rent arrears by the court date.
The registrar adjourned the matter to a magistrate for May 30.
The magistrate ordered the tenant to vacate by  June 11, and pay the owners $10,760 in rent arrears, water accounts and court fees.
The magistrate then recommended I do not return to Fremantle court to claim any other expenses after the tenant vacated.
No magistrate should suggest this option because they don’t know how the tenant is going to leave the property.
Prior to this tenant moving into our house, we painted the entire interior with cream walls and white ceilings and doors.

Smoke damage
The tenant vacated the house on June 12 without cleaning the house, shampooing the carpets and repairing all the damage he and other occupants did to the property.
He operated the log fire with the door open, allowing smoke to move around the house, damaging walls, ceilings, doors, curtains etc.
The entire interior had to be washed with water and sugar soap and re-painted with an undercoat and two top cots, to cover the smoke damage.
I also believe that burning logs fell out of the open door and did fire damage to the adjacent wall, ceilings and skirting boards.
Someone was allowed to paint many of the rooms using colours such as red, lime green and black.
This person painted all the walls and ceilings in the dining room black and painted over security screens, floor tiles, windows, boundary fences, retaining walls and driveway.
As the tenant did not pay us a dollar towards the previous court order of $10,760 (for rent) we did not have the funds to pay professional painters to remove the smoke damage, and re-paint the interior and parts for the exterior.
The tenant also stole our garden shed, some furniture and killed the rear lawn by installing a large shed over the lawn, which broke the pipes to the auto retic system.
My brother (also part owner), myself, my niece, a carpenter and a cleaner did all of the above work and the three family members invoiced the tenant $20/hour for their labour.
On October 10 we delivered a form 12 to Fremantle court requesting the tenant to pay $16,152 to rectify all the damage done by the occupants of the house and other miscellaneous expenses.
We also gave the court a copy of the incoming and outgoing property inspection reports, over 60 photographs of the damage done by the tenant and supporting invoices.
I attended the court on November 7 and again on November 21 when the magistrate dismissed all of our claims under section 17(d) of the residential tenancies act (WA).
I have looked at my copy of this act and there is no section 17(d).
This magistrate would not allow me to take the stand and give my evidence to the court, nor was I allowed to ask questions of the tenant about the false information that he gave to the court in his “statement of defence”.
I recommend that all owners of rental properties should join the Property Owners Association of WA.
Their annual subscription fee is $50.
George Boot
Address supplied

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