Scaling the heights

JONATHON DODD has always loved trees.

So he’s in his element scaling up tree trunks and performing serious “operations” on diseased or dangerous species around Fremantle.

Mr Dodd is the owner of Arbor Comm Tree Management Solutions, a small specialised team of qualified tree surgeons.

Unlike some of their competitors, they “steer clear of diagnosis and just do the surgery side of things”.

• A tree surgeon from Arbor Comm Tree Management Solutions.

Dodd started working in the tree industry in 1997, after he was doing some gutter cleaning and noticed some dead cotton palm fronds that needed trimming.

Not every tree that gets reported needs to be removed, says Mr Dodd. He says he “spends half of his time talking people out of what they want to do”.

Mr Dodd notes it’s a bit of a myth that all eucalypts are “widow-makers”, and he gauges how much of a public risk they are before removal.

However some species are problematic including the cape lilac, which has poisonous berries and is often infested by white cedar caterpillars, and the arum lilly which clogs up waterways in the Southwest.

Arbor Comm mostly does surgery on trees that are regularly dropping limbs or have root systems that are damaging walls and driveways. As well as removals they also do trimming and pruning of trees that are in restricted zones or under power lines in residential areas.


Jonathon Dodd 0438 942 346

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