Gender battle

A GENDER war is brewing at East Fremantle Council.

The council has only one female councillor, prompting two female candidates to run for East Freo at next month’s local government election.

But it’s not all blood and democratic snorters in the tiny, affluent municipality, with two incumbent councillors elected unopposed in the Plympton and Preston Point wards, sparking fears of another low voter turnout.


JULIE AMOR wants more women on council. The former East Fremantle councillor has a background in mental health and counselling and has lived in the town for 27 years. “There is inadequate female representation on our council. Good governance is imperative, however cohesiveness and collaboration can come at a cost of unfair representation of all residents. Good governance should have diversification and I will offer a fresh perspective. I’m passionate about honesty, transparency and accountability in council decision making.”

• DEAN NARDI is a Richmond Ward councillor seeking re-election. He says he would continue to fight for “reasonable” development in East Fremantle. “With the Leeuwin Barracks soon to be developed, I believe my experience on the Town Planning Committee will be essential to advocate for reasonable development in a locality of significance for our town. I am passionate about East Fremantle and have been active in support of reasonable development whilst I have served on council, having advocated for modest developments at the Royal George and Roofing 2000 sites.” Cr Nardi has lived in East Fremantle all his life.


• KERRY DONOVAN is disappointed there is only one female councillor in East Fremantle and wants voters to address the gender imbalance. “Women are under-represented on the council (currently one female)…I am a consumer advocate with St John God Murdoch Hospital and a proactive member of the Glyde-In Management Committee. I am committed to getting the balance right between residential and open space, preserving the town heritage, maintaining and enhancing parks and footpaths, supporting sporting clubs and community groups, getting value for money on expenditure and reducing the impact of traffic.” Ms Donovan has lived in East Freo for 40 years.

RUFUS MORSE works for the state government and wants to preserve the rich character and heritage of East Fremantle. “I will earnestly and continually strive to develop and maintain the high liveability and standard of services enjoyed by residents, ratepayers and business owners alike in East Fremantle, as well as address any concerns or queries in a respectful and empathetic manner that is in keeping with the expectations of all East Fremantle stakeholders.”

• ANDREW WHITE is a Woodside Ward councillor seeking re-election. A qualified forester and teacher, he is CEO for Australian and overseas businesses. “I want to keep East Fremantle fabulous! My conviction is strong for good governance, effective communication, and efficient teamwork. I believe we should continue to focus on building trust between East Fremantle residents and our collective council because it’s crucial to maintaining East Fremantle as a highly desirable and unique place to live.”


CLIFF COLLINSON has been elected unopposed for another four-year term. The retired schoolteacher is a heritage advocate and has been the Plympton Ward councillor for the past 12 years. He successfully fought against the state government plan to merge the tiny municipality of East Fremantle with its larger neighbour, Fremantle, in 2015.


TONY NATALE has been elected unopposed. Cr Natale has been on council for two years. “I have a strong passion for sustainability and want to see our special town remain sustainable for the benefit of future generations. I advocate for effective stewardship over the Swan River foreshore, local infrastructure and appropriate future urban development (Leeuwin Barracks).”

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