What a stinker

• Mark Lahogue says he might resort to carrying a toilet roll around with him, after a stinker of a week.

FREMANTLE record shop owner Mark Lahogue has had a stinker of a week.

Last Sunday the West End businessman was walking to work when he came across a man taking a dump in a shopfront near the High Street police station.

Incredibly, next morning Mr Lahogue found a human turd on the doorstep of his own shop, and a few days later watched a man smearing excrement on the window of the 7-Eleven on High Street, opposite The National Hotel.

Mr Lahogue said that nearby Bousfields Menswear has had similar issues and the shop beside him, Port Jarrah Furniture, recently had human faeces on its doorstep.

“Naturally it’s pretty disgusting, and the last thing you want to do first thing in the morning is clean up human poo,” Mr Lahogue told The Herald.

“I don’t bother calling the council when it happens, as you can’t really wait for someone to come and clean it up.

“It’s a hard one to police, but I do get a lot of tourists asking me if they can use my toilet because they have trouble finding public ones.”

Homeless man “Clock” recently told the Chook virtually all Freo’s public toilets were now shut from 7pm, making life difficult for people living on the streets.

A Fremantle council spokesperson said there had been two recent reports of human faeces in High Street Mall and three in Market Street.

“These matters were reported to the city’s cleaners who attended and removed,” they said.

Over the past few years, inner-city residents and business owners have accused local police and council of not doing enough to address ongoing anti-social behaviour in the port city.

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce CEO Danicia Quinlan said the council was doing a good job on projects like Kings Square, 10 Nights in Port and the new Destination Marketing campaign, but “there is obviously more work to be done around community safety and anti-social behaviour, and as a local business Chamber – one of the oldest in Australia – we would also love to see a tiny bit of their revenue go back to supporting organisations like ours and local business networks.

“With such a low residential base, most of the City’s income comes from business and we don’t always see this allocation come back.”

Last October the council voted to install an additional 25 CCTV cameras.


One response to “What a stinker

  1. 24 hour toilets should be a basic minimum requirement for councils to provide. At least in Fremantle there’s the hospital, but you need more than that.

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