Letters: 12.10.19

For Matthew
I WAS working late this afternoon in the back shed.
Nat and I had a feeling to set down the tools and pick up a camera and go to the harbour.
I did not know Matthew Dwyer well but I met him a few times around the port (“Farewell, mate”, Herald,
October 5, 2019).
I felt I should go in a personal memoriam and perhaps quietly dedicate a photograph to him.
In the wild wind and spitting rain on North Mole a single gull flew low across my position and somehow my camera found it.
I dedicate this to Matthew – and in appreciation of the heartfelt tributes by Andrew, yourself and other colleagues at the Perth Voice and Fremantle Herald.
Bob Sommerville

Ben Morton is meddling
THE direct involvement of federal Tangney MP Ben Morton in the City of Melville local government election, under the guise of Roe 8 and 9, raises important issues.  Roe is not a council issue.
Unethical behaviour, both perceived and actual, induces citizens to believe that the system is incapable of operating in a way that protects and promotes the public interest, rather than as many people perceive it, serving the interests of those at the top and their friends.
Issues include the misuse of public office, the misuse of public expenditure, the misuse of publicly paid employees time, the cost of public advertising, the misuse of public databases and computer systems for emails, and the misinformation promulgated.
Mr Morton overstepped the mark when he approached candidates in the local government election to sign a pledge relating to Roe 8 and 9.
Some rightly declined on the basis that they needed to consult their ward after the elections and to learn more about the proposal; a perfectly reasonable and rational response. In his public email of October 2, regarding Roe 8 & 9, he named one candidate that had ‘signed the pledge’ and said that the other candidates refused to sign the pledge.
There is big difference in ‘refusal’ and ‘declining for good reason’ to sign.
His attack on Melville election candidate George Gear was similarly unjust. Mr Morton has, through poor judgement, alienated many of his supporters. I believe he should be held accountable for the public expenditure involved, repay all the monies expended and resign as the Member for Tangney.
Dr Graham Mahony
Warragoon Crescent, Attadale

A sad day
I’VE never met a more talented or committed photographer than Matthew Dwyer, who also managed to be such a warm and generally stellar human being  (“Farewell, mate”, Herald, October 5, 2019).
I still have photos Matt took capturing family moments and the news that he’s gone is just shocking.
Warren Hately
Journalist, author and former colleague

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