LETTERS 19.10.19

The final straw
I REFER to the front-page article in last week’s HeraldGrand final day heist”.
When I read this article I really felt sorry for the owner and staff at Culley’s, as I’ve been going there on and off for many years. 
It’s been around for what seems like forever and it is a real Fremantle constitution.
However, I wasn’t really surprised that it happened, due to the current situation in Fremantle. 
I have previously sent in letters to your paper criticising the ‘powers that be’ in our city, especially the way they seem to neglect the issue of law and order. 
So this latest incident, in my opinion, justifies that criticism.
If Fremantle council want to attract more visitors to our city, they are going to have to address the reality that Fremantle is out of control. 
People will read articles like this and won’t feel that it is safe to visit Fremantle and find somewhere else to go. 
Therefore, I believe that council have to give the local police ‘carte blanche’ to clean up the place, restoring law and order and allowing people to feel confident enough to return. 
If they fail to do this, I feel that Fremantle will continue to struggle and more places will shut their doors.
Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra

Read my lips
IN the Herald’s front-page story last week about the theft of the statue Bella (“Where’s Bella?”), Fremantle artist and resident Mark Welsh was quoted as saying: “It seems we are living in a culture where people want things for themselves rather than the greater whole…”
As a further example, at my library we have spent over $12,000 since the beginning of 2018 replacing stolen law textbooks.
Ironically several are for the course on legal ethics.
This makes me sad and angry too.
Solomon Street, Palmyra

Bump in the road
SOUTH FREMANTLE is changing with 50 per cent of the population now comprised of families.
This means more children and more pedestrians.
The streetscape is also changing – after all who doesn’t like dropping into the South Fremantle cafe strip on a summers day – or one of the local pubs?
Or walking down to South Beach?
The gazetted speed zone of 50kmh along South Terrace in South Fremantle now needs to change to reflect these changing demographics and streetscape.
A reduced speed zone of 40kmh will also enable the case for the removal of the current annoying speed humps (the ones that some drivers swerve around).
Many Freo Herald readers may not know that Main Roads WA controls the gazetting of speed zones and allocation of speed signs. Hence, MRWA permission has to be obtained to create a local speed zone lower than 50 kmh.
The approvals for lower speed zones rely on the actual speed environment with MRWA stating that they will not install reduced speeds along roads that cannot otherwise sustain those speeds.
That means for roads where the speeds are greater than 40 kmh, MRWA will not grant approval to establish a lower speed zone unless traffic calming measures are installed in a manner that actually lowers the speed.
Because of the installation of the annoying speed humps in 2017, the average vehicle speed along South Terrace is now 36kmh – this data now provides the City of Fremantle with evidence to apply for a 40 kmh speed zone for the South Terrace strip in South Fremantle.
If you are a local resident who would like to see traffic Go Slow in South Freo in a 40kmh speed zone please contact your local elected member and state just that.
Sean Hefferon
South Fremantle

Not so Jolly
SEEING a photo of a girl wearing the T-shirt “Eat pussy not animals” at a live exports protest in last week’s Herald was offensive (“Chain Reaction”).
How inappropriate for this to be published in our local paper which should represent the views and values of its community.
I am not a prude or anti gay, however this message is sexually graphic and surely not suitable for your entire distribution audience that includes the elderly and children.
I hope my local paper’s morals have not slipped so far that they believe this message is suitable.
This woman has the right to wear the T-shirt, however publishing it sends the wrong message.
Have a bit of class, Herald.
Karen Jolly
via email

Ode to Bella
Bring Bella back
Or karma, right back at you
Will see you lose
some treasured thing
As precious as our statue.
What kind of shonky nong
Would steal this lovely
sculpture? WRONG!
Fella, take Bella back
where she’s put
Or…may her great
buxomness fall on your foot!
(all 100 kilos of her!)
Cate Jennings
The Ed says: Ms Jennings advises us that she was inspired to pen her ode to Bella after reading out last week’s Herald story (“Where’s Bella”, October 12, 2019) to the blind listeners of Vision Australian Radio, where she works as a volunteer. She reckons they might have appreciated Bella’s curves on a tactile tour… 

Dark secrets
THE dark secrets of horse racing have repeatedly outraged the public.
Now, Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Darren Weir and two others have been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.
Mr Weir has been charged with nine offences including three counts of “engaging in the torturing, abusing, overworking and terrifying” of a racehorse. Police cameras earlier this year captured the men repeatedly shocking the horse with an electronic device called a “jigger”.
Mr Weir has already been banned from racing for four years, but that was all racing officials did.
Let’s be clear – such offences are animal cruelty and must be prosecuted by law enforcement, not kept from sight in internal industry reviews.
This is why the charges are so important.
Mr Weir trained the 2015 Melbourne Cup winner Prince of Penzance, who was recently featured in a movie glamorising racing.
News reports say Mr Weir was widely regarded as Australia’s leading horse trainer before the police raid.
We have to wonder what the rest of the industry is doing if this is what is being reported about the “leading” trainer.
Victoria’s racing minister stated “I understand people having a degree of cynicism about racing or, indeed, any kind of sport where there is money to be made from betting.”
As well as tormenting the winning horses, we know that about 13,000 “failed” horses are sent to slaughter each year.
Desmond Bellamy,
special projects coordinator
PETA Australia

Zoned out
THE front-page article “Burning bridges” in the September 28 Herald contains a statement which could cause the reader to understand that a 15-storey development proposal is proposed within the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan, within an area which is zoned for up to four storey residential development in principle.
A further statement appeared in the Thinking AllowedWhere’s the humans?” in in the October 5 Herald: “The front page of the September 28 Herald told the tragic story of how a Canning Bridge family has had its financial position gutted as a result of a 15-storey building being approved next door.”
The latter statement quotes incorrect facts.
The relevant portion of the CBACP area in question, is in the H4 zone.
Within the H4 zone residential development of up to four storeys in height is permissible in principle.
In summary, there is not a 15-storey development either proposed or approved within the H4 zone.
Marten Tieleman, CEO
City of Melville

Stone the …
IN response to Thryza May’s letter concerning maggies in Coolbellup (“Chemical warfare,” Herald, October 5).
My sister lives on Sebastian Crescent too and she has a family of magpies been visiting daily for the last 15 or so years.
Maybe you should be giving them a little treat to bring them round.
I live on Phoenix Road and my magpies have been coming to my place for about 30 years.
They bring their babies to the house too.
The problem around here, because we are close to the shopping centre, is the raven population is getting out of hand and they drive the other smaller birds away. The council should be doing something about the situation before that’s the only birdlife we have left.
Rosanna Bunting
Phoenix Road, Hamilton Hill

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