Newbie a roaring success

BELIEVE the hype – Lions and Tigers is the hottest new restaurant in town.

Building on the success of Duck Duck Bruce, co-owner and head chef Alia Glorie has delivered another hit Fremantle restaurant.

Situated in the old Stable Hands restaurant on Bannister Street, Lions and Tigers has ultra-modern decor including custom-upholstered chairs, an incredible neon art-piece and paintings that would befit an art gallery.

In all honesty, the food could be served in a rat-infested warehouse and I’d still crawl through broken glass to try it.

On a lunchtime foodie adventure, we ordered the “Lunching Like a Champ”.

For $35 a head you’re served a generous selection of indulgent treats from the menu.

The chunky onion bhaji ($3.50 each) are the size of cricket balls and were so good they’d make Sachin Tendulkar weep.

The massive potato spheres are fried until they’re golden dark and served with a smoky, burnt shallot raita, which adds a nice sweetness to the dish.

Another sensational starter was the indulgent smoked mussel masala dip ($8), served with fresh crunchy vegetables like baby cos lettuce, beans, heirloom carrots and radish.

Sourdough naan

After tucking into a steaming sourdough naan with whipped ghee, we tackled the final starter – a sweet and creamy home-made paneer with crunchy autumn greens and zucchini blossoms.

Our belt buckles almost burst from what came next – a sweet, coal-grilled chicken tikka, a massive bowl of slow-cooked bengali onion curry, gunpowder potatoes the size of boulders, spicy pickles, tangy raiti, crunchy papadums and steaming hot bay and mustard rice.

It was a struggle to get through it all, but we couldn’t resist the quality offerings. 

The standout dish for me was that incredibly juicy and moist chicken tikka. It had just the right amount of heat and a perfect balance of flavours. 

The classy Lions and Tigers serves vibrant and modern Australian-Indian fusion in a funky setting.

It completes Freo’s golden food triangle, joining the ever-popular Bread in Common and hipster-hangout Strange Company.

What a time to be a food lover in Freo.


Lions and Tigers
8 Bannister Street, Fremantle
9433 1479

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