Over the hump

FREMANTLE council will apply to have South Terrace’s speed limit reduced in South Freo after its controversial speed hump trial proved successful in slowing traffic.

Figures provided to the South Fremantle Precinct by south ward councillor Andrew Sullivan recently showed the bulky humps had dropped the average speed of cars between 5-7 kmh, taking them down to a leisurely 36kmh cruise.

The council can now formally ask Main Roads to convert South Terrace into a 40kmh zone, as the department required evidence of a sustainable reduction in speeds before it would act.

The speed humps have dominated the election debate in south ward, with candidate Marija Vujcic making their removal one of her signature issues.

• Marija Vujcic’s campaign posters make her views on South Freo’s speed humps pretty clear.

Wanting to “put an end to bad humping on South Terrace”, she’s immortalised the saying on election posters where she’s pictured brandishing a large hammer. 

Ms Vujcic questioned the timing of the release of the traffic figures. 

“It’s interesting that all of this has come out before the election,” Ms Vujcic said.

“Council realised that it is a major issue and have done some work to give residents feedback. 

“The data and information that is coming from the precinct can be misleading as many residents are frustrated with the tick and flick consultation.” 

Cr Sullivan denied there was any attempt to influence the election.

“The most important thing is to show that the speed has been reduced efficiently and that now we can apply for the reduced speed zone,” he said.

Cr Sullivan says he’s asked council staff to kick off the process of applying for the reduced speed limit, which will involve capital works, but says it’s likely Main Roads will take some time to deal with the application. 

Ms Vujcic says she supports traffic calming along South Terrace, but the cost and manner of implementation weren’t supported by residents.

She says zebra crossings, which would also require Main Roads approval, would have been a better choice. 

“I’d like to see what the process was to get Wray Ave to a 40-zone,” Ms Vujcic said.

“Why couldn’t that approach be used on the other end of South Terrace. It seems to me there are different standards there.” 


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