Low voter turnout in Freo

JUST 35.45 per cent of voters participated in last Saturday’s Fremantle council election.

Former councillor Geoff Graham has made a comeback after beating Gemma Hohnen by 32 votes, taking over from the retiring Dave Hume in Beaconsfield.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton was re-elected for a third term in the City Ward. But former deputy mayor John Dowson and Julie Morgan chipped away at her majority.

Su Groome won in East Ward and will replace deputy mayor Ingrid Waltham, who decided not to re-contest her seat. Ms Groome got a commanding 67.65 per cent against Michelle Cunningham.

Frank Mofflin was victorious in Hilton, beating seasoned campaigner and former state politician Lynn MacLaren, as well as Tony Miosich, a former councillor.

Councillor Bryn Jones was re-elected for another term in North Ward with a comfortable 61.97 per cent of the vote, defeating Steve Cooke.

In the surprise of the night, three-term incumbent Jon Strachan was beaten by Maria Vujcic by 88 votes in South Ward, after a feisty campaign that centred on the speed bumps on South Terrace.


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