Beaconsfield’s precinct is back

Beaconsfield’s precinct is back.

Beaconsfield’s precinct is back up and running after an extended hiatus, but instead of getting too bogged down in mind-numbing council policies, the emphasis will be on organising “community stuff” says co-coordinator Shani Graham.

The first event will be the Beacy Web Bash, a picnic at the Salentina Ridge park and playground on Roscommon Crescent on December 8 from 2-4pm. Ms Graham, pictured in love heart glasses with Freo councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge, Nola, Ceri, Tim, John, Gemma and a bunch of local kids getting ready for the get-together, said they’re asking locals to bring a plate of food and a game to play.

She says anyone who can’t make it but wants to keep abreast of the precinct’s activities can contact her on 0417 941 991 to go on the email list.

Photo by Steve Grant

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