Win an Ultraformer neck-lift treatment valued at $1350!

The latest cosmetic technology – the Ultraformer, has taken the anti-ageing world by storm, performing the same procedure as cosmetic surgeons, but without cutting or disrupting the skin. Readers have the chance to win a free Ultraformer neck lift treatment, valued at $1350! Look for the How to Enter details on this page.

It is the only nonsurgical treatment that works on the muscle fascia below the skin (the SMAS), which surgeons tighten for face, neck or eyelifts. Rather than using a needle or knife, the Ultraformer harnesses ultrasound technology to radiate energy to tighten and lift. Ultrasound is considered very safe and has been used in medicine for more than 70 years.

“Turkey necks, droopy eyelids, sun damaged skin, large surface pores, acne scars, fine wrinkles even flabby arms and thighs…these are all areas the Ultraformer improves both immediately and over a 6 month period. Plastic surgeons in Europe are raving about this treatment due to the results in face and body contouring, sculpting and tightening,” says Dr Serene Lim.

After many years of research and working in the industry, Dr Serene has long steered away from treatments that have possible side-effects. The Ultraformer ticks all the boxes – great results, no downtime, minimal pain, no sun sensitivity and very safe. The treatment takes under an hour and make up can be used straight afterwards, making it the perfect lunchtime treatment.

“It is very precise as the ultrasound energy can target different depths. This allows the fat layer of the skin to be spared, avoiding fat necrosis (a negative side effect of many other treatments). All other facial rejuvenation treatments using energy penetrate right through to the deep layers, so there is potential for more wrinkle formation and visible skin surface side effects,” she says.

Improvements last 18 months to 2 years and a top up every 18 months is recommended to keep the normal ageing process at bay.

For more information, visit or or call Dr Serene’s clinic on 9385 3338.
Please Note: Results may vary from person to person.

Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win!
Closes 4pm 10.12.19. Winners announced 14.12.19.

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