‘Burbs business gets a bit festive

• Mandy Rogers helped create a “Christmas tree” for all the business in her little suburban shopping hub. Photo by Atsu Tsuru

CHRISTMAS Fremantle-style is well and truly here, with a mysterious decoration appearing on the corner of Holland and Onslow Streets.

The brainchild of Mandy Rogers from Amandanaga Objectology, the curious installation of red fabrics hang from the tree, wafting in the breeze.

Ms Rogers says she wanted create sense of community with the “Christmas tree”.

“We wanted a Christmas tree that was for all of us, for all of the businesses here, so instead of just doing small decorations we thought we would do one big fabulous thing, so we all chipped in the money,” she says.

“It’s been fantastic because it’s very interactive.

“All the kids love it, they all get under it and play with it, and people take photos.

“It really turned out better than what we hoped.”

Ms Rogers said the businesses on the corner have thrived, despite being pretty isolated in a sea of residential houses.

“It’s charm is that it is just very welcoming; it’s that unique blend of all the businesses getting on really well,” she says.

“Long term businesses all in one group is wonderful.

“And also it’s a destination because they’re unique businesses.”

Ms Rogers says she is considering adding lights to the tree.


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