We can do this

SADLY, we are not the optimistic people we were.

There are a lot of reasons for this; local issues like high unemployment and low income, globalisation, war around the world, and poor-quality political leadership from all sides.

It’s enough to make anybody pessimistic.

However, here in the lucky country, we used to be able to shrug off these things and together get on with life, supported by family, friends and institutions like our common culture and language.

We have gained much from migration, but we have not done enough to add more values than just their labour and cuisine.

We need to mould their acceptance of the local values and likewise welcome theirs, so that our country becomes one again, but newly reinvigorated, homogeneous in its unified culture, values and the English language.

Of course we must all respect each other’s right to speak their native language, observe customs and religious practices. We can do it. Australia is not under any threat of foreign invasion; we have no cause to fear external domination.

Recently many conservative politicians have been preaching fear. This should be rejected.

Our many recent arrivals will stand with the older settlers to defend their recent gains.

That is plain to see. Ask anyone of them. They love it here.

Together we will prosper. The many proud Chinese, South Asians and Middle Easterners want to join us more established Anglo-Saxons. Chinese residents are very nationalistic. They have every right to be proud of China’s achievements.

Some Muslims are seen to be inflexible and also resent some of the generally accepted behaviour and dress.

This is something which will be cured by time and education on both sides.

All of us must open our minds and doors to their neighbours. Let the sunshine in. We are all of migrant origin.

Let us set up neighbourhood language schools to help new migrants to settle.

Our schools must require all students to study english grammar and western culture at all levels.

In turn our society must learn and appreciate their customs, religions and values.

We should have an exchange of hundreds of Indonesian and other language teachers, so that in time we will like and feel comfortable with the people of nearby countries.

The old colonial cultural values are dead and gone. We must bury them.

Recently I went to Kings Park to see the free annual in situ flower display.

I was so proud of this unique garden. Everything is so carefully arranged and shown.

This homegrown, curated and managed garden is an example of the excellence of which we are capable. We can do this.

We need not bend to overseas, so-called experts or foreign cultures. Toadying to the USA must cease .

Maybe a republic should be examined again, hopefully without the political manoeuvring which marred the last effort.

If the Irish can do it, so can we.

Honesty must overcome greed, rigour must return to business and education, corruption must be exposed and givers and receivers of bribes equally punished.

We can do it. There, now I’ve said it. I feel better already.

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