Little gem

• Little Loaf owners Lachlan Bisset and Tom Radford. Photos by Jenny D’Anger.

BITING into the sweet, warm bun, my mate’s words echoed around my head – “you have to try one of Little Loaf’s cinnamon swirls before you die”.

Sugar and cinnamon were perfectly balanced in the not-too-sweet swirl, which has to be the ultimate breakfast treat ($4.50).

It was so good, I went back two days in a row for more.

Pretty soon I was visiting Little Loaf to buy pizza slices for lunch ($6) and an Arabic loaf ($7), a cross between a focaccia and a cob with a delicious oily-herb crust.

It’s great when toasted and slathered with butter and vegemite.

My friend Carolyn raved about the avocado and salad crunchy bread rolls ($9), which she needed both hands to hold.

And a selection of cakes for afternoon tea confirmed the new South Fremantle bakery is a winner.

All the cakes we’re good, but I heartedly recommend the wonderfully chewy, cherry slice ($4.50).

The tiny store is self-service, which helps keep prices down.

A variety of breads, house-made pies and pizzas are stacked on shelves and a fridge groans with a selection of cakes, pre-made lunch rolls (vegetarian options available) and free-range eggs.

Little Loaf owners Lachlan Bisset and Craig Stewart are the guys behind the hugely successful North Street Store in Cottesloe.

A victim of their own success, they needed more space and wanted to open Big Loaf in North Fremantle.

But they encountered teething problems, so opened Little Loaf in the former Wild Bakery as a stopgap.

Big Loaf is set to open in the middle of next year, opposite the old post office in North Fremantle, and the owners are considering keeping Little Loaf open too.

Little Loaf
corner of South Terrace and Commercial Street,
South Fremantle

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