For our future

My name is Amelie, I am 12 years old and am just about to complete Year seven at high school in Fremantle. 

I have a passion for music and singing. I am also very concerned about our planet. 

The changes happening in the environment both on land and at sea, seem to be speeding up. 

Fires, floods and cyclones are occurring more and more often around the world and naturally this worries me. 

I’m also concerned about over-population and there not being enough water and food for everyone on the planet. 

Global temperatures are rising and combined with drought, this is making serious bushfires much more common. 

• Up to our necks in it; Year 7 friends Alia, Amelie and Griffin worry about their beach and their future.

Rising temperatures are also heating up our oceans and contributing to rising sea levels, which cause erosion along our coastlines. 

I worry about beautiful places like the Great Barrier Reef and the coral bleaching that is happening there, and also closer to home at Ningaloo reef. 

I have been lucky enough to grow up swimming at awesome local beaches around Fremantle such as South Beach and Leighton. 

I want to ensure the beaches stay as lovely as they are so my children can enjoy them as much as I do. 

If we do nothing and lose them, they won’t be able to grow up the way I have. 

We need to let the government know that they must ensure the future of our beaches and coastline. 

This hasn’t always happened in the past, and in general I don’t think that previous generations have done enough to ensure a great future for our planet. I don’t want my generation to be looked upon as also not having taken any action. 

That’s why I go to climate change rallies and have got my parents to help me make a veggie garden, start a worm farm at home and stop bringing plastic into the house as much as possible. I also try to get my mum to take shorter showers! 

If everyone did a little bit to help stop climate change, and get our governments to do what they should be doing, then hopefully our generation can have a healthy, happy future. 

Otherwise, as one of the more popular signs at the climate strike rallies says ‘there is no planet B’.


THE Leighton Action Coalition is calling on the McGowan government to create a wide foreshore reserve in the southern part of Leighton/Port Beach.

The LAC says the government need to make the old fuel tanker site on the southern portion of the beach a reserve so it can be used for recreation, and overflow parking in the summer when the beach is chockas.

This would safeguard the area from erosion for hundreds of years, claims the LAC, noting the expensive seawall Fremantle council voted for last week.

It’s deja vu for LAC’s Michael Wearne – 20 years ago he and other members of the coalition took part in a rally to to protect the northern section of Leighton Beach from over-development. 

The green gene must run in the family, with his granddaughter telling the Herald
why protecting public access to the beach is so crucial:

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