Bon’s ‘stolen’ plaque just off to the cleaner

• Bon Scott’s ‘missing’ plaque has simply been sent off for a bit of a polish. Photo by Steve Grant.

A CROWDFUNDING campaign to replace Bon Scott’s “stolen” cemetery plaque has been suspended amidst news it’s simply been sent off to be refurbished.

The bronze marker for the former AC/DC singer’s grave gets a fair bit of wear and tear courtesy of the legion of heavy metal fans who make a pilgrimage to the site – including Megadeth bass man David Ellefson – to pay homage to the former Spearwood resident and sometimes slop a bit of bourbon around.

After noticing the plaque missing a couple of weeks ago, Ben Scott, whose claim to be Bon’s illegitimate son is hotly contested by the singer’s close acquaintances, started up a gofundme campaign.

But that’s been suspended after the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board let him know the singer’s undisputed family had requested the plaque go back to the manufacturer for maintenance.

The MCB says the plaque should be back by the end of January, and meanwhile they let visitors know the reason behind its absence.  A National Trust marker signifying the grave’s national significance still identifies its location.


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