Bound to blossom

AS the large steel oven opens, the smell of buttery pastry fills the bakery.

On shelves, looking as sweet as they taste, rhubarb-raspberry tarts and their apple-cinnamon cousins are cooling down.

For Blossom Fine Foods owner Angela Separovich, sitting at markets with her mother and grandmother all those years ago led to a love of beautiful food she’s channeled into her business and which has helped drive its success.

But she credits her highly skilled staff during the business’s humble beginnings to really helping Blossom Fine Foods, well, blossom.

“The staff here are an extension of my family. It’s really important for me that everyone enjoys coming to work and enjoys what they do,” Ms Separovich says.


“My mum has retired and my grandmother is getting older now, but she still comes in, says hello to everyone and brings coffee.”

Ms Separovich says almond finger biscuits were her mum’s speciality, but they have shifted from selling the biscuits at markets to focusing on retail.

“One of the things I love is pastry.

“We make quiches, sweet tarts, and our pastry and fillings are all made in-house,” she says.

“It’s all about producing beautiful food for me. I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t love myself and for me, it’s also about making things that tastes home made.

“I’m not a qualified chef, I just love food, love baking and that’s how we started. The recipes we develop and produce are things you would love to make at home, but just might not have the time to make it.”

Ms Separovich says the work hard to source the highest quality ingredients available.

“For me it’s about refining and improving the internal processes for our products,” she says.

“The next step would be to start looking at free range eggs in all of our products and providing some kind of catering service as well,” she told the Herald.

Ms Separovich says she is grateful that every part of the way for her business there has been a beautiful connection.

“My stockists are fantastic and very supportive,” she says.

“Everyone’s got a story associated with our products and people who buy my products, seem to love it.”

To find a range of Blossom Fine Foods produce at your nearest store, visit


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