Nathan’s community

WHEN I reflect on 30 years of the Fremantle Herald it’s hard for me not to be self-indulgent and think about my brother, Nathan Hurst, who worked with you for a year or so, before coming to live around the corner from where I lived in Bondi in Sydney in 1997.

As it happened, he became very ill with cancer a few years later and I bought him home to die in my mum’s home in WA.

Right now I can hear Nathan talking to me in Sydney, when he first arrived, about his time at the Herald with such love and affection; he’d show me the photo’s of the special “send-off” event at the Solomon Street hill that your Natalie Hug organised for him.

As we re-connected, I’d wonder if he thought I was unaware of the love that others had for him?

This is my way of saying Nathan found a deep sense of community whilst working at the Fremantle Herald.

We all use these terms; “sense of community” and “feeling connected” interchangeably these day’s and assume that “it’s” a lived experience available to everyone, if we just point ourselves in that direction.


Sadly, that’s not my lived, or my observed experience for others either. Actually, in reality, it’s really hard to be apart and a part of a community too.

Which is my round-about way of saying “thanks” to you and the crew for making Nathan so welcome into the Fremantle Herald community, one of the happiest places he worked at.

And thanks to the Fremantle Herald for its unwavering commitment to being “the voice” for and a place for all of us to express “our voice” within our Fremantle community.

In terms of wishes for the next 30 years; mine certainly include the absolute need for independent, worthy journalism.

In my opinion, not wanting to sound facile, Fremantle has a very big issue coming up in terms of the “harbour solution”.

I don’t know what it is – do you?

Harbour solution

I do know what “the solution” was that the Labor government was elected on in the last state election and that thus far – some two years later – I’ve seen very little action.

Strategically, I really don’t want to see the divisive debates that ravaged our community over the last election happen again, that is the next incarnation of Roe 8&9 playing out for a further two years.

In my opinion, Fremantle’s elected state and federal members need to step up NOW and defend the long-term “for-profit” future of Fremantle.

Because I for one am over the shrill, emotional bleating from either side of the two-party system that they call “political work”. How about a once in 200 years show of bi-partisanship problem solving for such a vital issue for the entire Fremantle community, not just what they are doing now, which I experience as cowering behind the highly vocal MUA.

Having said that; I wish everyone in Fremantle and beyond a peaceful journey for 2020.

Finally, many thanks to everyone at the Fremantle Herald – please keep the fourth estate growing and progressing – we need you for at least another 30 years.

Damon Hurst
Bellevue Tce, Fremantle       

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