Summer Reading: When you gotta go… go home?

LYN SHIPP from North Coogee thinks it’s heaven living near South Beach, but having to head home for a call of nature is a real pain in the bum.

LIVING close to a popular beach is heaven; daily swims, gathering with other regular people and forming friendships.

Sitting in a café close to the beach for coffee or breakfast – equally enjoyable.

But with the ingestion of liquid comes the need to dispose of it, meaning a trip to the toilet. A public facility built with the café at South Beach; the café has had a degree of up-grading, and more is planned.

However the toilet is not part of the café; although joined to the building, it is separately maintained.

Or not as the case may be. It was linked to the main sewer a few years ago, thus ridding the grassy area to the side of the building of the noxious brown ooze that came up through the grass in summer.

The strain on the outmoded lavs is now showing as the beach is a popular destination – and getting busier.

I’m informed by male friends that the gents is, bluntly, a health hazard.

Only one toilet has a lid apparently, one stall has a door but no lock, it frequently has blockages, and they just feel it’s time something is done

Otherwise they might be compelled to really act as the staged photograph.   

The female half is only marginally better; the disabled toilet is a danger with a central support to the bench seat swinging loose from being eaten away with rust.

This beach is heavily used, and of course with families there for a half or whole day the toilets are used frequently.

The whole area should be something to be proud of but the residents aren’t.

We love our café and mornings, but rushing home to go to a proper toilet is a pain.

It would be marvellous to have the facility upgraded, or even have portaloos, which at least would be clean; and a proper path for disabled people? Pretty please?

Can we have a decent toilet or is the council so hard up it can’t maintain a public facility that is going to cause some unpleasant outbreak of a major gastric nature in the not so distant future?

This is something that does need attention!

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