Green dream

ALTHOUGH there’s plenty of spectacular flames in Dream State Circus’s hit Fringe World shows Fuego Carnal and Primo Loco, this year they can breathe easy knowing they’re not adding to global warming.

Circus founder and performer Sophie McGrath, who performs as Sophia Garcia, says the company has purchased carbon offsets for all 16 performers – even those that have come from oversees such as renowned foot archer Orissa Kelly.

“Dream State have been offsetting our carbon emissions for our transport costs since 2014, but this year we decided to extend it to cover all our performers’ travel costs,” Ms McGrath told the Herald.

She said her desire to act ethically didn’t tally with her professional lifestyle, which involved a lot of travel, and she’s even taken the step of giving up holidays that require air travel and is turning vegan.

Ms McGrath said she tallied up her carbon emissions and purchased offsets through an Australian company. She says it only adds about $1000 to the Circus’s costs each year which makes it achievable.

Ms McGrath and her partner Jacob aren’t johnny-come-lately environmentalists; in 2010 they launched the company Cirque Eco and promoted the tiny house revolution.

But they were a little ahead of the times and didn’t get much traction on either the houses or their carbon neutral ways.

She says recent events have helped bring them into the spotlight.

“Greta Thunberg has helped to bring people in to have a real look at what’s going on,” she said.

Tickets for Fuego Carnal and Primo Loco are at


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