Baby guru

• Midwife Sharna Hill and physiotherapist Louise Millward. Photo supplied

AS a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health, Louise Millward was better prepared than most for the birth of her first child.

Her delightful daughter Amelia is now five years old and another sibling is on the way.

Ms Millward is passing on her wealth of professional and personal knowledge in antenatal classes, run in collaboration with clinical midwife Sharna Hill.

“To provide a service that pregnant mums and their partners can attend…that is informative without being overwhelming so women are more confident with the journey ahead,” Ms Millward says.

“This should help them navigate the hospital system with less anxiety and prevent the occurrence of postnatal depression and the feeling of drowning in the pressures of having a newborn and a healing body.”

The three classes, held at two week intervals, are designed for expectant mums about 25 weeks into their pregnancy.

They kick off by looking at all the hormonal changes the body goes through in readiness for giving birth.

Two weeks later it’s “show time” as mums are prepared for labour.

The last is about every parent’s nightmare; gearing them up for sleepless nights – as well as all the other unexpected changes in life their bundle of joy will bring.

The course has a raft of information on resources available, including agencies offering free or low-cost support. There’s plenty of helpful tips, a list of what mum and baby need in the hospital, samples of the right foods to eat to enhance lactation, along with teas and essential oils.

“And there’s a gap-free post-natal check-up; even if there’s no problems,” Ms Millward says.

The classes start Tuesday February 11 at Sportreat in Palmyra.

For more information call 9438 2400 or book at


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