Bloom: Bee smart

• Kardinya primary’s wonderful bee savers Savannah Branch, Kira Watson, Jaden Le Roy, Cynthia Dong, Stefan Ristic

IMAGINE living in a world without bees…you see that’s not a question because we physically can’t.

Bees are a very important insect to our ecosystem.

They can create any vegetable/fruit, let’s be honest.

Have you ever heard of the bee movie?

Well if you haven’t then go watch it as it gives a lot of information, telling us what will happen if bees go extinct and stop pollinating.

You may be wondering who we are, well we are the Bee Protectors from Kardinya Primary School (year six students from A5).

We have been researching for our Genius Hour project all about bees.

We want to see the bee population grow because if you hadn’t heard, bees are at risk of dying out.

Each year their population decreases each year by 50 per cent in the USA and we don’t want that to happen in Australia.

Bees are dying because of many things such as poisons, diseases and starvation.

As you can see this is really sad.

We are trying to spread awareness about helping bees.

So how can you help bees?

Well, you can:

• Plant more flowers;

• Put a plate of water out in the garden with some rocks (so they don’t drown);

• Don’t use chemical pesticides in your garden (it kills the bees and there are other options);

• Start using a bike more (cars pollute the air which affects the bees’ senses);

• If there’s a bee hive in your garden or around your property call a bee specialist to get it removed carefully (don’t call pest control as they will just kill the bees); and,

• Plant lavender in your garden as it calms down the bees without killing them.

And of course, spread the news about saving the bees.

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