Bon ami, George

MELVILLE mayor George Gear wants to make Tompkins Park a family focus of Perth Festival’s showcase event Highway to Hell.

The festival is closing Canning Highway on March 1 so a convoy of trucks can rumble from the Raffles to Freo with bands playing AC/DC covers on the back as a tribute to frontman Bon Scott, who died 40 years ago.

Mr Gear says Tompkins is the only big open space along the route and he wants to pull the fence down around the park so families can get up and close to the convoy.

“What I am advocating for with the council, because parking is going to be a problem when they close the highway, is that the city runs buses from the council offices where there is a lot of parking, down to Norma Road,” Mr Gear said.

I would like to see several thousand people on the park with their picnics, and have the trucks stop in front of them and play a couple of songs before moving on.”

Mr Gear says his plan is pretty easy logistically, and apart from the buses wouldn’t require much more than sending the first truck off 10 minutes early so it can do its quick set in front of the park before the next one arrives.

He hasn’t yet pitched the idea to festival organisers, but was meeting with the council team working on the project this week and will ask them to put it forward.

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