Trash talk

• This rubbish heap in suburban North Fremantle is annoying locals.

AN EVER-GROWING rubbish mountain on a vacant lot in Harvest Road in North Fremantle has locals kicking up a stink.

“This disgusting mess has been growing for the past months and now covers 20m by 4m of the vacant lot next to my house” says Harvest Road resident Gerard MacGill.

“It is unsightly, spills onto the footpath, and vandals take pleasure in rolling large items like chairs and TV sets down the hill nearby”.

A truck was also seen arriving at the site and dumping a large load of rubbish which was “unlikely to be entirely from his own premises”, says Mr Macgill, who is the convener of the North Fremantle Community Association. “These dumps are a magnet for people outside of the suburb, and for contractors to save them a trip to the depot or the cost of a bin”.

Mr Macgill says he would like this site and others like it clearly signed “No Dumping, Offenders Prosecuted.”

North Ward councillor Doug Thompson has been liaising with residents about the issue and pointed out another site nearby where he also wants to see signage.


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