No borders for Bon

THE big AC/DC themed finale to the Perth Festival is just a week away, but that wasn’t enough to get Germany’s most passionate fan club to stick around.

For the 20-or-so members of Dynamite: Son Club Germany, the simple fact February 19 marked the 40th anniversary of the untimely death of the band’s former lead singer Bon Scott was enough, and having travelled halfway around the world to celebrate at his grave, they were off the next day.

Local photographer Phil Farren came across the group at the Sail & Anchor last weekend and from their extravagant ‘uniforms’ immediately picked they weren’t locals.

Mr Farren says Dynamite members are so passionate about AC/DC, two battered beer cans from a brand named after the rockers are routinely mailed to each other, and made the journey to Australia.

The group even found a local bagpiper to perform the band’s iconic rock anthem It’s a Long Way to the Top.

There are other signs the 40th anniversary and Highway to Hell concert down Canning Highway are being noticed around the world, with a sticker from Ukraine’s AC/DC fan club popping up on the thigh of the statue commemorating Scott outside Cicerello’s this week.

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