LETTERS 21.3.20

Sink the pink
CONCERNING the “Pink Wall” at 15 Alexandra Road (“Activist wall win”, Herald, March 14, 2020).
I am one of the neighbours opposed to the lurid pink wall and in particular the political message displayed there.
As a long-term resident of Alexandra Road, I take pride in the heritage house I have restored and the contribution to the beauty of the street the house makes.
There are a number of similar heritage houses in the street, contributing to a beautiful peaceful street of historical significance.
Unfortunately, the entrance to our street has been spoiled by the opportunistic political messaging of the selfish activist.
If she had any real concern for her neighbours she would remove the signage, which is not in keeping with the area.
However the most appalling aspect of this affair is the fact that the council, and in particular, the mayor Jim O’Neill, have supported it.
The activist, against the wishes of the majority of neighbours, has shown no respect for the ambience of the street or the town of East Fremantle. 
Their behaviour in this matter is disgraceful.
One hopes that the next activist might live next to the mayor and set up similar signs, as apparently the council supports such signs in residential areas.
Peter Jackson
East Fremantle

Bank on you
I AM thinking of the possibility of people not being able to go to work and businesses shutting down for a while, due to the isolation requirement in the bid to stave off Covid-19.
This could be disastrous for the financial wellbeing of anyone or any business who do not have an adequate buffer of savings or capital.
Morrison’s stimulus package is very short term and is likely to not be enough by far.
Apart from food purchases, people who are paying off mortgages or renting are going to find it hard or impossible to keep paying their dues while having no income.
I have a suggestion that would help in a lot of cases if not all, and that is for the banks to temporarily suspend the requirement of payment of mortgages during the time that they cannot be serviced due to lack of income, either for lack of work or for lack of rental payments collected.
Because many rental properties are under mortgage by the lessor owner, the owner could in turn be required to suspend income from those same properties if occupied by a tenant out of work, for the same duration.
I know this is novel, but this situation cannot be allowed to result in a lot of foreclosures and evictions.
Carla van Raay
Kirby Street, Willagee

God help us
THERE is a tsunami coming.
Some of us are running around picking up toilet paper like seagulls after chips.
Others are standing on the beach [at the pub] looking for the wave, wondering if they can swim long enough. But the reality for us is the same as Europe. Go home isolate, get off the beach, give the medical people more time to prepare.
We will need all of them just to survive. I am not religious, but God help us all.
John Paterson
Wood Street, White Gum Valley

Wiggly facts
LETTER writers to the Herald can be funny people, who conveniently leave out or change facts to support their claims.
There are those who say we should respect history and not rename Kings Square, but our history started well before the 1829 British settlement, so what would be wrong with a Noongar name for the square?
Another writer claims council has destroyed Kings Square by building on it, but the new Walyalup civic centre replaces the old administration building. Yes, it is bigger and higher, but there was a council building there before.
At least former premier Peter Dowding wrote a positive letter congratulating Silverleaf Investments on the outstanding work they are doing on the Manning building and arcade. At least one letter I can agree with.
Fremantle, and Fremantle council, are far from perfect, but I would not want to live anywhere else than in our gorgeous little city.
Roel Loopers
Arundel Street, Fremantle

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