$200 off your rates in relief package in Melville relief package

MELVILLE mayor George Gear released a Community Stimulus Package late Thursday which included a $200 rate concession for every household in the upcoming budget.

Apart from putting a freeze on all fee rises, the package also allows clubs and businesses to defer their lease and loan payments.

Business fees have also been dropped, while interest on late payments for rates will be waived.

Stimulus Package aims to provide immediate relief and also longer-term measures for the recovery phase, whenever that may be, adding value to the national and state financial support response,” Mr Gear said.

“We will look to fast-track or progress key capital works and maintenance project so that when the market begins to recover the city will have a number of projects that are shovel ready, and work can start up against quickly.”

Mr Gear, who was assistant treasurer in the recovery phase of Australia’s recession in the early 1990s, said the council was working with other support agencies to provide emergency relief, targeting volunteering and seniors.

“Those in the community who need assistance or support, are advised to contact our customer service team on 9364 0666 or 1300 635 845,” Mr Gear said.

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