Still grooving along

• Record Finder owner Mark Lahogue has kept the doors open.

RECORD FINDER owner Mark Lahogue is a bit like vinyl – he isn’t going away, no matter what you throw at him.

He’s been trading in Fremantle for 35 years and his iconic store in the West End has remained open every day of the pandemic.

He’s one of a handful of High Street shops like New Edition who have flipped the bird at Covid-19 and not pulled down the shutters.

“Yesterday we had three customers in, but it didn’t matter,” Mr Lahogue says.

“We had a good chat and they left with a smile on their dial.

“It cheers me up and it cheers up the people who come in.

“A few days ago we had some tourists in as well. I’ll stay open until I’m told not to.”

Mr Lahogue has welcomed Fremantle council’s decision to defer his rent for six months, saying it will help him weather the economic fallout from coronavirus.

He says it will still be tough during the lockdown as he sells the vast majority of records from his shop.

“It’s difficult to make money on the internet because you’re competing against people selling records from their house who have no overheads. They can easily undercut you.”

He says he will however be putting more stock on his Facebook page during the lockdown, and will use the opportunity to rearrange the store and put out some new LPs.

“I’ll be staying open until I’m told by the government not to.”

The Record Finder has been trading on High Street for 15 years.

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