WHY, Why, Why are so many people out there cycling with their anti corona masks covering their faces but not a cycle safety helmet protecting their noggins? The new breed of head bangers.
Bill Massie

Hospital call
I WAS having a cup of tea (that’s right, a cup of tea) with one of my mates and of course our conversation was centred around coronavirus.
We noted that our closest centre for testing is Fiona Stanley Hospital, and we both live in Palmyra.   Now we discussed just how convenient it would be for us if Fremantle Hospital was activated as one of these centres.   From what I’ve been told, it isn’t doing much else at the moment (someone please correct us if we’re wrong).
I’ve also been led to believe that here in Australia we haven’t yet felt anywhere near the full force of this virus.
Therefore, wouldn’t it be wise to try and open up as many of these testing centres as possible, especially since Fremantle was once a fully functioning hospital and should have the infrastructure in place already.
Now this is just a thought, but I believe it warrants some merit.
Steve Grady
Murray Road,

THIS afternoon I went to Sealanes to buy some oysters.
I asked the young man who had just freshly shucked my oysters, ‘How are you going?’  He replied, ‘this is my last day, all casuals no longer have a job here’.
All done with a smile on his face and still with great service.
I was actually planning to take my wife out for a romantic dinner in Freo for our anniversary, but all venues have been shut down.
So in the space of a week, just about every casual worker has lost their job.  We are looking at 30-40 per cent unemployment, all with an overwhelmed Centerlink office and a crashed myGov website.
How are all these people going to feed themselves, maintain their accommodation and survive?
One thing is absolutely clear to me: Our current political system and economic model has no resilience to a pandemic.
It is time to think of how we can build resilience into our economy.
Should we have a living wage for all?  Should we build affordable housing with secure long-term leasing where rent can be suspended during a crisis?
Should we bin the concept of a casual workforce, who have no sick or annual leave.  Should we start making stuff again in this country so that we don’t run out of essentials like face masks and medicines?
The COVID-19 pandemic is a chance for us all to reset out priorities.
Pedro Schwindt
Martha Street,

Leave it
THERE wouldn’t be a Kings Square if it wasn’t for the British settlers Roel (“Wiggly Facts”, Herald Letters, March 21, 2020), so no Noongar name.

So sorry
I NEED to apologise to the lady who kindly offered this old guy a place in the ‘personed’ checkout queue in Coles on Tuesday.
I preferred the automatic tellers, and rather ungraciously failed to thank her for her offer.
Norm Ryder
Bibra Lake 

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