A cackle from the couch

Fremantle-based comic Rory Lowe, who’s stand-up routine is going online to help get coin for the Comedy Lounge and the staff who’ve been laid off.

THE Perth Comedy Lounge is putting some recent shows online to cheer people up during these dark times.

For just $1 you can watch some much needed stand-up with all proceeds going to the comics, and the lounge bar staff who lost their jobs because of the lockdown.

The Lounge Laughs series includes stand-up by Mandy Knight, Amos Gill and Fremantle-based Rory Lowe, who has just returned from the states supporting Netflix comedian Bert Kreischer.

Lowe says there are some advantages to not performing live for a while.

“At least the crowd aren’t heckling!” he laughs.

“To be honest, to perform in 

a club right now would be great.

“Ever comedy club in the country has closed for the moment so we don’t have anywhere to perform. 

“Most comics are either focusing on writing or their social media presence.”

Lowe says it’s almost impossible not to write material about the pandemic.

“It’s the only focus of the media and the public at the moment, so its relevance directs a lot of our subject matter,” he notes.

“It’s hard for anyone to think of writing anything except for Covid-19 influenced material. Working on old material seems somewhat meaningless.”

Before the pandemic, Lowe sold out shows across Australia and Asia, but he says most comics are permanently skint and Coronavirus has just made things worse.

“I was broke before, so I’ve got practice coming into these hard times. Luckily, I have a large online following. 

“My fans have been very supportive and thanks to them purchasing merchandise I’ve been able to make ends meet. Comedy has never paid well, so unless you were performing four or more times a week, you always needed a side hustle.” 

Lowe has about 250,000 online followers, mainly due to his funny Aussie Disney series.

To have a few laughs and help out local comics go to http://www.eventfinda.com.au and search for “Lounge Laughs”.


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