Police rescue driver

Police pull a car out of the lake at Harmony Park after the driver had to be rescued. Photo Duncan Watkinson / Showcase Photographix

POLICE are investigating how a car ended up in a lake at Harmony Park in Atwell on Saturday morning, requiring a policewoman to rescue the male driver.

Witnesses reported seeing 

the vehicle come out of Tranquil Gardens before crossing Aurora Drive, about 40 metres of grass and reeds along the side of the lake before plunging in and coming to a stop about five metres offshore.

The car started sinking and the driver was able to get out through the passenger window but was unable to swim to shore.

Shortly after a police car arrived and the officer swam out to help the man. Although apparently unhurt, he was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital as a precaution.

A witness said it was believed the car may have been stolen.

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