Fashion for the future

WHEN their eco-fashion event celebrating the good practices of an often-maligned industry had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, three young Freo locals took a punt and have gone online.

Genevieve Burke, Diana Truman-Healy and Savita Ross are all passionate fashionistas who’d rather their threads had less impact on the environment, so they’ve organised 7 Days of Sustainable Style through Facebook.

The event will run from April 20 – 26 and feature daily discussions, DIY and simple challenges as well as guest speakers.

“We want to make the journey to sustainable fashion accessible to everyone and really fun and supportive,” says Ms Burke, who’s an op shop enthusiast and flower crown queen.

The three say they aren’t experts in the field of sustainability, but have done their homework and liaise with local ethical companies for advice and resources.

They blame “fast fashion” for much of the industry’s contribution to widespread pollution and say a $20 “great find” could have come at the cost of someone’s health, caused a river to become polluted or been produced by child labour.

It can be a bit of a minefield trying to buy ethically, so they say 7 Days isn’t about making massive lifestyle changes and knowing everything, but giving participants extra information and confidence when they walk into a fashion boutique.

To take part search for 7 Days of Sustainable Style on Facebook, and for more information email fashionforthefuture2020@

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