Petrol station kybosh

FREMANTLE council has hosed down plans to build a new 24-hour petrol station, restaurant and lunch bar on the corner of Hampton Road and Culver Street.

Developers applied to demolish the existing self-service Motor Vehicle Wash and Subway, and undertake a $2.5 million redevelopment with 22 parking bays.

But council officers said it wasn’t in line with the city’s plan to increase the number of people living in that area of Hampton Road, which was slowly shedding its industrial roots and becoming more residential.

“A petrol station may be in keeping with the existing land use mix and scale of development, but is not consistent with the city’s strategy for the area,” wrote officers in the April 15 council agenda.

The council’s plans include medium- to high-density housing on both sides of Hampton on the entry to the city.

“The proposal is incompatible with the desired future character of the area and likely to hamper future high quality development as envisaged by the [planning] scheme in the medium to long term. 

“The proposal is also detrimental to the amenity of the adjoining residential lots and is likely to continue the undesirable amenity impacts presented by the current Motor Vehicle Wash uses.” 

Officers also noted that the 24-hour petrol station would be directly across from Beaconsfield homes.

Five submissions were received during the public consultation period with one respondent claiming the 24-hour petrol station would attract anti-social behaviour and noise, and another noting there was already a gas station in the area. 

At Wednesday night’s council meeting, councillors voted to recommend refusal.

As the development is more than $2 million it will go the Joint Development Assessment Panel, who have the final say.


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