Cracking treatment 

WA’s only integrative neuroimmunologist Carrie Rigoni treats a young boy. Photos supplied.

SEEING a chiropractor for health issues like chronic fatigue, migraines, babies who don’t sleep or struggle feeding, is not something people often consider.

But WA’s only integrative neuroimmunologist is offering ‘scholarships’ to people who cannot get the health care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Munster chiropractor Carrie Rigoni has been practising integrative neuroimmunology for five years, after she found the treatment worked for her.

Integrative neuroimmunology  revolves around working with the brain to establish what the body needs. Ms Rigoni said the initial consultation is about checking how the brain is functioning though specific tests. 

“Each task is specific in testing each part of the brain to see which parts aren’t working properly,” she says. 

“From there we can figure out what the body wants the most – dieting, breathing, exercise – each treatment is individualised.” 

She had been practising from home and out of a room in an East Fremantle clinic, but she’s planning to set up her own clinic after the pandemic.

“The more people I see, the more amazed I am about how each individual has similar patterns in the brain, but the body has different symptoms.” 

Ms Rigoni’s scholarship is for community members who have health issues but cannot afford access to the care they need. 

“I want to give back to the community I was raised in.” 

To apply for the scholarship and to learn more head to


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