Public health crisis?

Hey folks, did somone forget we’re in the middle of a health crisis? It was great to see the easing of social distancing rules bring families out to enjoy last weekend’s bit of sunshine on Fremantle’s Esplanade, but the rubbish left to encourage vermin and greet workers on Monday morning was a disgrace. Freo council deserves a serve for dropping the ball and not preparing for the obvious stampede of people outdoors, but next time the bins are overflowing, take your rubbish home. 

We’re supposed to be in this together. Meanwhile Fremantle council’s decision to close all its public toilets except two portaloos in Kings Square has been criticised by residents, homeless people and their advocates as creating an unnecessary health risk. Residents and business owners in the West End say people have been defecating in the nooks and crannies between their buildings, noting recent medical advice has shown Covid-19 can survive in the gut and be transmitted through faeces. 

‘Dave’ has been living on Freo’s streets since moving across from South Australia six months ago, and says the square’s portaloos are so disgusting he wouldn’t use them. 

We asked the council about the loo fiasco last week, but our questions got flicked between departments and we never heard back.

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