SOTA online

The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (above) and their bonkers music video Cornflake (top left).

THE State of the Art music festival will be be streamed live from Fremantle on WA Day.

The annual festival is usually held at Burswood Park, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, bands will play an empty Freo Social instead, with the six-hour show broadcast live on Facebook.

Music fans will get to enjoy a diverse range of WA talent including Abbe May, Carla Geneve, Drapht, Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse, Methyl Ethel, San Cisco, and The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

Crumpets frontman Jack McEwan says he won’t be adding canned laughter to his jokes in-between songs.

“We’re all dull humourless people so the jokes won’t be a problem,” he quips.

“But yeah it shouldn’t be too strange, most of our shows are usually to an empty room so it’ll be nice to see a cameraman.”

The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are more than just a gimmicky name; since forming in Perth in 2014 the psychedelic rockers have embarked on national tours and last year played on the same bill as The Strokes at a major UK festival.

Sounding like Syd Barrett clambered into bed with Black Sabbath and The Beatles, the Crumpets have a heavy, panoramic sound with nursery-rhyme melodies and surreal lyrics.

McEwan says he’s still trying to capture the band’s powerful live sound on their records.

“I record from home so I’ve built this really bad recording style where I get so engulfed with how the demos sound I don’t want to change them in post production. But I’m slowly learning. This new record I’m working on will hopefully have the best of both worlds.”

The Crumpets’ music videos feature some mind-bending animation, with the song Cornflake following a spindly alien zooming around the cosmos. 

“That was created by our friend Mike Wyatt In England, he’s absolutely insane, never met a more energetic hyper intelligent creative before,” McEwan says.

”We spoke back and forth about a few ideas but it was easier for him to be set loose and build his own world rather than us breathing over his shoulder. The final render was mad, it’s nice how well both the song and animation compliment each other.” 

The SOTAstream festival will be streamed live on the SOTA Facebook page on WA Day (Monday June 1) from 2pm-8pm.

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