‘Twas a corker
THANK you so much for the article concerning the removal of the 130 year old cork tree in Reynolds Road, Mt Pleasant.
You might be interested in the attached photo of it in all its glory taken last December.
The original owners had looked after it for 40 years, having a tree surgeon inspect the tree every 12 months.
When they recently sold their property they were so pleased that the new owner wished to keep everything as it was.  Well – who promoted that story?
I can’t believe such a piece of history has been felled without a murmur, except by those angry and upset residents who are very sad to see such an icon ‘go’.

Lost, Mike?
I WAS surprised to see Mike Nahan make a trip to Freo to condemn those of us who stood against Roe 8 for our supposed silence as some mature trees are now lost for the High Street upgrade. He might want to go easy on the caps lock and reflect on the fact the McGowan government has ensured the preservation of more than 70 per cent of mature trees along High Street.
He’d also do well to remember that this was a long-slated project, in the State Budget, which enjoyed bipartisan support before being derailed by the Barnett government’s Freight Link fiasco.
Mike conveniently overlooks the fact that we weren’t just protesting the destruction of our environment but the immense waste and poor planning that his road to nowhere represented.
Mike’s opportunistic cries of hypocrisy stack up about as well as the Freight Link’s business case. His crocodile tears might be more convincing had his government not cleared valuable bushland on the eve of an election out of spite and bloody-mindedness.
So while he stomps his feet, we’ll get on with delivering sensible, targeted road upgrades, moving record proportions of  freight off roads and onto rail, and planning for the outer harbour our city will soon need.
Simone McGurk
State Member for Fremantle

Love my CAT
I AM a senior living in Beach Street, Fremantle and require to use the Red CAT bus service on a daily basis.
Due to mobility difficulties I am unable to walk into town.
I am not the only person who has this problem.
The Red CAT bus connects passengers to other transport services as well as to essential services in our community.
It has only been recently that the CAT bus stop number 5 in High Street was reinstated after many months of inconvenience because it was removed in 2019.
I have recently learned that the mayor and council are requesting that the Red CAT bus service be removed for a period of up to 12 months (“CAT pause,” Herald, June 13, 2020).
The reasons given are that the Red CAT due to the recent circumstances of Covid-19 is not providing value for money and that the cessation of the service would save the City $432,000.
It seems that the City can’t see beyond the dollar sign to the needs of the wider community to whom it should be serving.
Numbers of passengers on the Red CAT bus are starting to increase. The Fremantle Arts Centre is due to re-open and the Red CAT is the most convenient bus to get there.
The alternative for us would be to venture over to Queen Victoria Street and somehow manage to cross this busy street to catch a green bus into town. This would be time-consuming, unsafe option for many.
I do not believe that the City of Fremantle has considered the needs of the wider community and I would strongly urge it to reconsider this planned move.
To have this service taken away from those of us who need it most is to rob us of an essential service.
Judith Murray
Beach Street

Clearing it up
I MUST correct the Editor’s comment in Letters June 6 with regards to graffiti removal by the Fremantle Men’s Community Shed.
The City of Fremantle has never informed us that it can no longer afford to pay for graffiti remover.
The fact is our Clean Team removes illegal posters and stickers in the Fremantle CBD and non spray-painted graffiti.
The team was on hold whilst the COVID-19 restrictions were in place but happy to advise that we are now back in business with the full support of the council.
The Shed has a strong relationship with the City of Fremantle who have been great supporters for over 15 years. We appreciate the support by Ms Loftus in her letter June 13 but I must set the record straight.
Mark Thomas President,

Just, Wow!
WOW, what a very thought provoking Thinking Allowed by Khin Myint (“Feeling Aussie,” Herald, June 13, 2020).
It was so well written and such a balanced view. Khin is definitely an asset to Australia and I hope he expresses the views of the majority of Australians.
John Roberson

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