Ticketer slammed 

A FREMANTLE music lover has joined a legion of unhappy fans getting stuck into ticketing website Oztix for only offering part-refunds for shows cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Lang had tickets to Gen-X alt-rockers The Pixies’ concert at the Fremantle Arts Centre on March 17, but with just days to go the Morrison government ordered the country into lockdown and the band cancelled its tour.

Pixies’ promoters Live Nation issued a statement telling fans they would receive “a full refund including booking and payment processing fees”.

That message was also reiterated on the art centre’s website.

But Mr Lang, who forked out more than $100 for his ticket, said he was furious when Oztix trimmed its cut of the ticket price out of the refund.

“Decent ticketing providers Ticketek and Ticketmaster refunded all money for Covid-19 related cancellations – no questions asked,” Mr Lang said.

“Oztix are really irritating a lot of people – have a look at their Facebook page.”

The company was definitely copping a pasting there, particularly on a post urging people to #KeepYourTicket for rescheduled concerts.

Absolute BS

“Absolute bullshit” was the phrase of choice for many who’d been unable to get answers from Oztix, or weren’t buying the feedback they were receiving.

“Absolutely disgusting Oztix!! I will be going to the ACCC about this,” wrote Laura Hogan.

One woman wrote how she and her partner had lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and desperately needed their full refund to survive.

Others like Teresa Evans were working towards a class action.

“For me it’s only $12, but it’s the principle of it. I can’t believe how others have lost so much more,” she wrote.

Like so many reported on the site, the Herald had no luck getting through to Oztix or having messages returned, but the company did respond to one unhappy punter to say they weren’t avoiding refunds, but “just the sheer volume we are dealing with unfortunately takes time”.

The company didn’t address complaints that refunds were coming minus its booking fee.

Fremantle Arts Centre general manager Marcus Dickson told Mr Lang in an email seen by the Herald that the promise of a full refund was a mistake.


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