Library rumour scotched

THE City of Melville has closed the book on rumours its Canning Bridge Library is going to permanently close. 

All five Melville libraries shut at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Four have reopened to the public – but not Canning Bridge. 

The ongoing closure provoked anxiety on the council’s social media pages. Under a July 27 post by the City of Melville Libraries and Museums page, a concerned user commented: “When are you and the City of Melville going to admit Canning Bridge Library is going to be shut forever?”

However, CEO Marten Tieleman told the Herald there was no intention to close the Library. 


Instead, it remains shut temporarily whilst it operates a book-delivery scheme. 

“Customers provide the library with a list of their reading preferences that includes favourite authors, genres, subject areas, formats and quantities required,” Mr Tieleman said. 

“The library delivers a bag of items to their home for a loan period of two weeks.”

The scheme is currently delivering books to 158 people and 9 aged care facilities. According to Mr Tieleman, the City’s libraries have received over 65 compliments for the Housebound service.


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