Locals keen on new jetty

WOODMAN Point Jetty is set to to be replaced, helping revive one of Perth’s most popular fishing spots. 

The $10 million replacement is part of the McGowan government’s $300 million Covid community infrastructure package, aimed at creating work for local small businesses and attract tourism. 

Locals Cheryl and Trevor Groves walk through Woodman Point Regional Park and onto the jetty every day.

“This spot has a lot of history, I used to come out here as a teenager when this was an ammunition depot and boats would offload here,” says Mr Groves who’s happy to see a new jetty. 

The new jetty will be built just south of the existing one, which will be demolished apart from the existing concrete piles which will stay to acknowledge local heritage and create and attraction for divers.

A passionate fisherman toting his bucket filled with bait wrapped in newspaper welcomed the development:  “It sounds fantastic, it’s long overdue,” he reckoned.

The ‘Ammo Jetty’ engages many people from around the metro area not only for fishing. Tony Stehn who lives in Atwell regularly visits the beach area to metal detect and said it was clear how the erosion was contributing to the decline of the jetty. 

“I think it’s a really good idea the jetty is being replaced and I’m looking forward to it,” Mr Stehn said. 


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