Letters 12.9.20

Speedy response

I REFER to the letter (“Revenue raising,” Herald, August 29, 2020) claiming that doing 55kmh in a 40kmh zone on Port Beach Road and receiving an infringement notice is revenue raising. 

You as the driver are responsible for your actions. The allocated speed was exceeded by a fair margin and would be obvious to the driver if they were paying attention. 

Would doing 55kmh in 40kmh school zone and getting a penalty notice be revenue raising around children as they left or arrived for school?

Take responsibility for your actions and good luck in court, you’re going to need it. 

M Nardi
Joshua Close, Bibra Lake

Electric dreams

AFTER the covid-19 lockdown, the temporary clear skies gave us irrefutable proof of the pollution caused by automobiles in every city worldwide. 

The World Health Organization puts the number of deaths in the millions. The International Council on Clean Transportation estimates premature deaths at 360,000.

China alone estimates 1.5 million deaths related to automobile pollution; these are real numbers that are gained by comparing city health records to country towns with little or no pollution. Covid pales by comparison.

Our prime minister Scott Morison’s answer to these tragic numbers was: “We won’t let our Aussie boys lose their utes.”

What a gross insult to every thinking person in Australia. 

Our PM has also has asked us to think of infrastructure projects to get the economy moving again. 

But unlike the rest of the western world, we will not be installing the support needed for the inevitable future of electric vehicles with this PM.

The word Luddite immediately comes to mind. Interpretation: A person opposed to new technologies or ways of working.

But what else could we expect from the energy minister who attended parliament with a lump of polished coal in his hand? 

We are talking about the health of our kids before they’re even born. 

The billions spent on cardiovascular disease. Lung cancer and links to dementia.

Is there one politician that will stand up and get us into the 21 century? 

John Paterson
White Gum Valley

Old news

THE federal government continues to attempt to deflect responsibility for covid-19 in aged care facilities by pointing out that the significant outbreaks have all occurred in Victoria. 

Given that the federal government is responsible for the supervision of these facilities why have they abandoned Victoria?

Jim Meckelburg Davies St,

On yer bike

THANKS for your ongoing interest in the future of Manning Park; the city is very pleased that so many sections of our community are as passionate as we are about this treasured and unique natural asset in the heart of the western sector of the Cockburn community.

Last week’s article “Reduced bike trails get association nod” (Herald, September 5, 2020) says “the council has established a new committee of experts and resident provide feedback on the new design” (sic).

This is incorrect. At this time no committee of experts or residents has been formed in relation to the mountain bike concept plan as indicated in the article.

We intend to form a working group and further involve the community but are still currently working through this process.

We encourage interested parties to keep an eye on city communication channels for more information about this in coming weeks.

Chris Beaton,
Manager, Environmental Services
City of Cockburn

Gen X?

IN the article about the Manning Park bike trails the phrase “helps kids get off the X-box” is repeated a few times (Reduce bike trails get association nod,” Herald, September 5, 2020).

I walk the trails regularly and all the cyclists I have encountered have always been adults. 

Given I rarely walk the trails on the weekend, I would however, bring people’s attention to the wider community of bike riders on these trails. Spearwood Progress Association is mentioned …. what about the Hamilton Hill Community group? 

There certainly needs to be better canvassing of “all stakeholders” and a proper environment and indigenous culture survey before designing these trails for bikes.

Katie Noad
Hamilton Hill

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