Hells bells he’s good

Bon Scott and Bella sculptor Greg James gets an Accadacca blast from guitar prodigy Jayden Tatasciore and Hells Bells lead singer Sal Abate. Photo by Steve Grant.

HE’S only 11-years-old, but Jayden Tatasciore tears through Angus Young solos like a seasoned pro.

The Accadacca wunderkind’s impressive licks will be front and centre next Sunday September 27 when the Fishing Boat Harbour traders group and Department of Transport officially open the upgraded Bon Scott statue and welcome back Bella, whose replacement was recently installed by her sculptor Greg James.

Jayden, who already had a brush with fame when he was chosen to play in the local leg of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical School of Rock, will be making one of his regular cameos with AC/DC tribute band Hells Bells, with organisers hoping to team him up with a bagpiper.

Usually a shy prodigy, Jayde said his favourite Angus Young solo was 1976’s ripper from Jailbreak.

But he’s already something of a heavy metal legend generally, with Guns ’n’ Roses so impressed by his note-perfect solo from their classic Sweet Child o’ Mine they shared it on their official channel.

Hells Bells founder and rhythm guitarist Mal Osborne said Jayden’s performance skills “catapulted ahead” when he joined School of Rock.

“To see him come from this shy little kid to someone who owns the stage and duck-hops along has been amazing,” Mr Osborne said.

For anyone whose ear is more attuned to something a little more acoustic, the WA Fire and Emergency Concert Band will also be performing at the openings, which start at 11.30am with a welcome to country by Noongar elder Neville Collard and finish off with Jayden and Hells Bells outside Cicerellos from 1.20-2pm.

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