Nights of the square table

BACK for another night of festivities and charity, the annual Freo Long Table Dinner has been moved to Kings Square.

National Hotel owner Karl Bullers is the brains behind the popular fundraiser for St Patrick’s Community Support Centre and said he was “very excited about the move”.

The billowing Fremantle wind was a major reason for the change in scenery, with Mr Bullers recalling “fences blowing over, table clothes coming off and wine glasses getting smashed” at previous dinners.


The new location also means fewer roads to close, which helps keep costs down.

Diners can enjoy their three-course meal, bubbles and beers on a Saturday evening (November 28) instead of the usual Thursday.

“It’s going to be an amazing setting because we’re going to light up the trees, we’re going to light up the Church and we’re going to light up the Town Hall, so you’ve got all of that heritage there,” Mr Bullers said.

Mr Buller said this year’s plan also included activating the High Street Mall and he had a meeting scheduled next week with retailers in the area to see where he could support them. 

Amidst the extraordinary challenges of this pandemic year, Mr Bullers said a community event was more important than ever. 

“You only have to walk around, and I hasten to say not just Freo, any town centre and you can see that mental health and homelessness is a big issue and just talking to them at St Pat’s there is significantly more demand,” Mr Buller said.

Mr Buller also stressed the event was about more than just homelessness. 

“It brings together the business community, the general community and promotes Fremantle as a whole,” he said. 

While only released for sale on Monday, Mr Buller said tickets have “flown out pretty fast” and there are less than 100 seats available.

Looking ahead at the future of the Long Table Dinner, Mr Buller said he was keen to promote different areas of Fremantle and flagged the Fremantle Prison as a potential location. 

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