Watch the birdie

ART, nature and science have come together in the latest exhibition at the Nyisztor Studio in Melville. 

Overwintering: Summer on the Swan is a collaboration between the Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group and the Printmakers Association of WA to produce an exhibition of original works related tot he importance of the estuary to migratory birds. 

Some of the shorebirds are currently arriving here from their breeding grounds in the arctic. 

The science bit is that SERAG is heavily involved in a proposal to get a bird sanctuary created in Alfred Cove where scientists, twitchers and artists will be able to monitor the comings and goings of the shorebirds. On Wednesday Melville council agreed to include the sanctuary in a master plan for the area. 

Further south in Albany, twitchers have told the Herald mutton birds are dropping from the sky because there’s no longer enough food 

on their intercontinental migration and they’re exhausted by the time they get here. Over east mutton birds have plummeting headfirst into the ground and breaking their poor necks. 

Maybe don’t miss this exhibition in case there’s no more left – it finishes tomorrow at Nyisztor at 391 Canning Highway.

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