Where there’s a will

Thinking about updating or making a new will or power of attorney? 

Seniors Week (November 8-14) is the perfect time to do it. 

Without a valid and up-to-date will, loved ones can be left guessing your last wishes and your estate may be distributed not according to your choice, but to a pre-determined government formula.

Join the Public Trustee for a free information session during Seniors Week, where you will learn more about the importance of having a will, navigating the deceased estate administration process and safeguarding decision-making in later life by preparing an enduring power of attorney or enduring power of guardianship.

Free sessions will be held from 10.15am – 11.45am on November 10 and 12 at the Public Trustee Function Room, Level 1, 553 Hay Street, Perth CBD.

Bookings essential: phone 1300 746 116 or visit www. trybooking.com/BGTXG

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