Letters 7.11.20

A kind soul

I READ this week’s Herald, and recognised a senior lady that you wrote about (“Timed out,” October 31, 2020).

I took my wife and three kids to Timezone one day, and the kids had fun. When it came to buying prizes the cost was way over the price of toys, and my kids wanted things we could not afford. 

This kind lady came over to us, and asked us if she could pay for my kids’ toys with her points as she had sufficient. My wife could not believe it; we kept asking if she was sure to do this, and we were assured it was ok.

My kids were thrilled, and we could not thank this kind lady enough. 

Timezone makes it sound as if she is a bad person; on the contrary, she approached us and my kids were over the moon when we left, even though I think most prizes are over-priced.

Justin and Glenys
Via email

Not charity

BY their oath elected councillors are bound to “duly, honestly and with integrity fulfil the duties of office”. 

These words should give confidence to the ratepayers and residents that transparency and good governance underpin their decisions. 

Good decisions are backed by due process, laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.  The system is not perfect but proven in demonstrating transparency that makes for good governance.

The South Beach Market is a commercial venture. To my knowledge it is not a not-for-profit nor a charity. Nor does the concept of a local market belong exclusively to one person.  

There are pros and cons for local government to be involved in commercial activation of space. Often the activation is at the cost of something else. For example, the South Beach toilets are in a terrible state.  Our local infrastructure is on life support and local services, like the CAT bus, are being cut. 

To support a subsidy and the exclusive right to operate the South Beach Market without due process undermines good decision making. If we accept this standard for the markets, then we should not complain about the current negotiation with the non-conforming and only tenderer for the hospitality space in our new civic building. The inducements being negotiated are in the millions which will affect basic local service delivery for years.

There are only exceptional circumstances where transparency and the principles of good governance should be set aside. These two examples are not exceptional and yet here we are!

I am not against the South Beach Market. I voted for the motion that Georgie can operate the market for the summer without due process. 

It was a reasonable thing to do. I support the tender process for 2021.

Marija Vujcic
South Ward Councillor

Not pining

LET’S hope that the tree removed from Gold Street isn’t replaced with yet another Norfolk Island pine.

With 165 planted on the Esplanade Park and 15 in the small area in the Kidogo Art precinct, we have nowhere for the birds to nest or feed on. 

Only one Lebanon pine has been retained to shelter the Nankeen night heron.

No shady flowering trees, no bushes. 

Nothing grows under the pines, so a very dull & diminishing picnic area. 

IL Johnston
Via email


IN these Covid-19 challenging times for the arts, a huge “thank you” to the Fremantle Herald and Perth Voice for the recent article on our first comeback October Fremantle Chamber Orchestra concerts. 

We had a great, warm audience both in Freo and Perth and the performance received most enthusiastic feedback: “Wasn’t it great to be back – everyone seemed so happy.”

And then you followed up with a front page on the ‘Pocket Concerts’ which pianist/organist Tim Chapman and I are currently performing to raise funds for future FCO performances.

We played in 35 degree heat in a beautifully cool St John’s in Fremantle one weekend, followed by a rainy 15 degrees a week later! 

There are three more shows in various churches; tomorrow (Sunday November 8) 3pm at St Michael and All Angels Church in Cannington, Saturday November 14 at 2.30pm at the Redemptorist Monastery in North Perth, and Sunday November 22 at 3pm in the St Mary Star of the Sea Church in Peppermint Grove. Readers can find venue details at fremantlechamberorchestra.com    

An enormous thank you also to Total Eden and all of FCO’s loyal listeners, donors and sponsors.

Hans Hug, director.
FCO Solomon St Fremantle 
The Ed says: Our pleasure.

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