Anger at unit purchase

A FORMER Melville mayor now running for state parliament has added her voice to criticism of the McGowan government for investing in a Booragoon hi-rise to get it off the ground.

Katy Mair, who’s running for the upper house seat of South Metro for the Western Australia Party, says the 15-storey Amara development near Westfield Booragoon was unpopular with nearby residents, who’d be furious to see it propped up by taxpayer funds.

“I can’t believe what I’m reading,” Ms Mair said in response to the Herald’s story (“Unit splurge queried,” November 7, 2020).

“It’s not a popular building to start off, and to actually buy apartments to kick off the development is just not acceptable. A lot of people are angry about this. It seems the government is in bed with the developers.”

Ms Mair is no great fan of the high-rise going up in the Canning Bridge precinct, but says at least it steps down towards the low-rise residential sections, while Amara will tower above neighbouring areas.

“Why do we have to have high-rise in our activity centres.”

Ms Mair said as a Melville councillor, she’d had developers admit that people living in towers were unlikely to leave their apartments, making 

the notion of community a nonsense, while ground floor amenities were for visitors.

“Beyond five storeys [residents] would not be coming out and they don’t have those serendipitous meetings with the people they live around.”

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